0-Minute Fixes for Tired-Looking Eyes

No need for a catnap. From home remedies to prescriptions, these quick tricks will make your eyes look rejuvenated in no time at all.

By Dawn Wilder
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I am amazed at the casual suggestion of a prescription lash enhancer, which carries so many side effects including:

Darkened brown pigmentation in the IRIS (colored part of the eye). Any changes in iris color are likely to be permanent, even after stopping the medication.

Darkening of surrounding skin. This might fade when the medication is stopped.

HAIR GROWTH AROUND THE EYES if the medication regularly runs or drips off the eyelids. yuk.

Eye irritation, and irritation & redness of surrounding eye skin.

Phoebe on 0013-07-09 04:39:27

You don"t need to use a prescription lash enhancer. I started using LiLash and LiBrow, available at www.lilash.com, in March of last year. By May, when my husband and I went on our 05th anniversary trip to Italy, my eyelashes were back to looking as they had in my youth. I never told my husband that I had started using a lash enhancer and I will always remember the day, sitting in a train station, when he looked at me and said, "you have the most beautifully long eyelashes!" Now, speaking of LiBrow, it has not worked as well. I waaaay overtrimmed my brows back in the Madonna thin eyebrow day and they never grew back. Using LiBrow made them a tiny bit thicker, and darker, but they never have grown in where I over-tweezed between my eyes. However, I would definitely recommend these products.

Opa&Nonna on 0013-06-18 09:25:52

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